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The Wells Group was established by John Wells and his partner, Jim Wotkyns, in 1985. One of John’s favorite things to do is match personalities with the perfect properties, and selling durango real estate has been the ideal venue in which to do this. John and his partners have worked successfully over the years to build a reputation of integrity and superior service for this real estate brokerage. As testimony to their action, today The Wells Group consistently outsells the other brokerages in southwestern Colorado agent-for-agent. John has a passion for this business—it’s marketing in its truest form: helping people to connect with what it is that they need or want.

In order to narrow down the field of all that is available in the world of real estate, John co-founded Western Angling Properties 17 years ago, a division of The Wells Group. The concept is to specialize in water-enhanced properties so that folks whose passion is to be near water can more easily find just the right place for themselves.

In his spare time, John loves the mountains! He enjoys fly-fishing, hiking, skiing, and boating, and takes full advantage of this southwest Colorado paradise we live in.

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