Why Choose The Wells Group?

Largest Southwest Colorado Real Estate Broker

As you can see from the following graphs of residential sales, The Wells Group consistently has the largest market share of any real estate brokerage in the Durango area.

Market Share

Dollar Volume Sold

dollar volume sold chart

Real Estate Transactions

number of sales

Sold Market, YTD Comparisons

deals per broker

Real Estate Updates – A Wells Group online publication that is updated with New Listings.

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Professional Knowledge

All of our brokers are full-time professionals. No part-timers working other jobs or as a periodic break from retirement. Brokers at The Wells Group are expected to have twice the continuing education required by the State of Colorado. We’ve found that more training and education equal better service to our clients.

Local Knowledge

We know Durango. We know Bayfield. These are not just catchy phrases,but an accurate assessment of our knowledge of the area! So if you are looking for a ‘gold medal trout’ fishing spot, we know some of the best ones! Perhaps you want to know the best Mexican restaurant in town? We dine there regularly. If you want to find the most scenic trails, or where to get your four-wheel-drive vehicle repaired… We can help. Our goal is to have you enjoy your Southwest Colorado experience, whether you’re a property owner, or just visiting. Feel free to contact us.

Durango, Bayfield and the surrounding Southwest Colorado area offer a wide variety of fun activities for residents and visitors alike. From riding the Durango steam engine narrow gauge train to Silverton to exploring the home of the Ancient Pueblo at Mesa Verde to observing Bayfield’s 4th of July Parade, you’ll discover a lot to see and do.

Learn more about the local area: Durango and Southwest Colorado information page.

Real Estate Forecast

Every year The Wells Group hosts a Real Estate Forecast for its clients, investors, developers, representatives from local financial institutions, and friends. The 450 attendees at Forecast 2010 were given a detailed analysis of our local real estate market from a well respected local appraiser before hearing the recommendations of our brokers’ collective wisdom and experience. View latest real estate forecast

Community Involvement

The Wells Group and its brokers are involved in both of the Durango and Bayfield communities. Brokers at The Wells Group contribute a portion of the earnings from each closing to a community fund. The broker uses these funds during the course of the year as he or she sees best to benefit the community.

Experience and Ownership

The Wells Group is the largest independently owned brokerage in southwest Colorado. The owners, John Wells and Jim Wotkyns, started the business in 1985 and have lived and worked as real estate brokers in the area for many, many years.

Decisions at the Wells Group are made locally and quickly, not by out-of-the-area interests. None of our fees are paid to national franchisors, all our money stays locally.